Dead Animals & Homeless People

Weird title, I get it. The following story is probably going to be a little depressing but I will try my best to end on a good note.

I drive a little more than usual cause sometimes my job has me going towards the other side of town or just far in general and sometimes I run errands and I end up being on the road longer than anticipated. Usually when I drive, I will spot a dead squirrel in the middle of the road and I’ll feel horrible cause my nature is empathetic and I just mourn for the dead animal. Also cause I attended a University for 2 years, where Squirrels would run rampant all the time and eat acorns in front of you and wouldn’t give a shit if you were staring or not (unlike my hometown where they’d freak out, asshole squirrels) Funny cause I’m back in my hometown and talking about how I feel bad that they’re dead and I’m over here calling them assholes.

Anyways, lately, I’ve seen some other dead animals on the side of the road and I feel just as horrible cause I’m an all-around animal lover. No I’m not a vegetarian though and it’s not cause I don’t like vegetables or I’m a hypocrite, it’s just I don’t kill the animals and I just– I don’t know, I believe it but I’m not gonna let it get in the way of my happiness, okay?

Anyways, two thoughts come to mind whenever I see dead animals on the side of the road. The first one I’m sure most people feel or at least think it and the second, some people will call me an asshole for. The first thought is: “My goodness, what a travesty. This is horrible, how could one of God’s creatures suffer like this. And these fucking vultures and parasites just feasting on the innards of this poor creature, hasn’t the little guy suffered enough you sons of bitches? If I wasn’t busy I’d like to give them a proper burial” And the second thought is: “Aw shit, someone needs to get that poor thing off the road, and clean it up. Do I have to do it? Fuck that, I’m no mortician, could you believe me stopping my car in the middle of traffic and trying to pick it up, what if a guy rear-ends my car, then how the hell am I gonna get to work? Cause of the damn squirrel, and wait why am I so worried about the dead squirrel, he’s not my friend. If we were, how come he never called to grab a drink with me or play hoops? Plus I’m sure none of his squirrel friends are going to watch me do this and ever have my back and then I end up getting my own little entourage of squirrels that are willing to protect me when shit goes down. Yeah, that won’t happen, plus I gotta be at this place by a certain time, if I’m late and tell them my reason they won’t believe me, ‘Hey Ahmed, what took you so long?’ ‘I saw this dead animal on the side of the road and I decided to give it a proper burial.’ ‘oh damn dude, did you hit it?’ ‘No, it just hurt my heart to see it.’ ‘(sarcastic) Yeah, right’ ‘No, I really did.’ ‘(weird look) What are you, a homo?’ Yeah, I’d rather avoid that, so might as well keep driving.”

The other thing I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is when I’ve been driving to places, like to and from work or to the bank, I’ve been seeing a crazy amount of homeless people on the side of the road and of course, who doesn’t see that anyway? But it’s unbelievable because the stereotype for homeless people is that they’re just putting on an act and playing upon the sympathy of people who give them money who have the thought in mind that they’re helping someone in need but often times, the homeless person is really just being handed more money than they already have. And with that in mind, why are there more than one homeless people on each intersection if it’s all an act?

Let me explain: I was at a red-light leaving work and I saw a homeless person on the left side of me, I did my best to ignore him and then when the green light finally came up, I drove away from him. I was quickly approaching another light however and I had to make a left but to my right you can clearly see another homeless person holding a sign and he’s begging for change. These two men are not too far from each other, yet are asking for change and if one of them is NOT putting on an act, why doesn’t the other have the heart to go, “Ahh shit, this guy’s actually homeless, what am I doing?” Am I saying that these two men are both in fact homeless or are they both putting on a show? I’m saying neither, nor am I saying we need to find a solution. I mean it would be nice to find a solution but I’m not gonna sit here and type up a proposal on what we can do to fix the homeless because I truly don’t know so as of this moment, I’m just bitching about seeing so many homeless people on the side of the road lately.

I feel bad sometimes because I don’t give them change. Sometimes I do have change but I tell them no if they ask me, and why? Growing up I was told various things by certain people which makes me hesitant even to this day. I remember my 4th grade science teacher (who in hindsight probably should have been teaching instead of giving 10 year old’s a fucking lecture on something that we really didn’t need to learn) saying that she gave some money to this homeless man at a gas station and wound up seeing the same guy come back with a Cadillac Escalade.

I can’t say I’ve ever been a victim of such deception but I did feel crappy one time when I felt sympathy for a guy that looked and definitely acted homeless. I was working in the deli-area of a grocery store and this scrawny, tattooed old man came up to the counter wanting some fried chicken for him and “his dog” (I don’t know why I put the dog in quotations, he was talking about an actual canine, just don’t read too much into it) so as I’m filling up this bag of fried chicken, he was telling me he hadn’t eaten all day and upon hearing that, the right side of my brain went, “Aw this poor guy, maybe I should throw in a couple extra pieces for free” and then the left brain immediately went, “And while I’m at it, let me fire up my resume cause I’m risking my job if I do just that.” I didn’t do it, but then when ever I told him how much it was gonna be, what made me feel crappy was when he pulled out a wad of cash that was neat and cleanly folded and by one glance, I could tell it was not of 1’s or 5’s. At that moment, not only was my sympathy taken away, but I was also taken back to the scene in the movie I’m Gonna Git You, Sucka, where Chris Rock plays a homeless teenager and goes inside this BBQ restaurant and asks Isaac Hayes “How much for 1 rib?” (Not 1 rack of ribs, just A rib) and then tries negotiating prices for drinks like, “How about you pour the drink in my hand for a dime?” and then whenever Chris Rock has to pay he goes, “You got change for a hundred?” Get the fuck outta here.

I’m getting a little off topic, the thing is that how does one get to that point in life where they’re content with begging strangers for change. You’d think some people would have to have some self-respect to keep yourself from doing that, but these guys apparently don’t. And neither did this one guy I saw who actually held a sign that said, “I betcha can’t hit me with your quarter”. Three thoughts came to mind, the first one was sympathetic saying, “Come on man, I don’t know you but don’t stoop this low just for a damn quarter. Have some sort of dignity.” The second thought was, “What are you betting against exactly, Mr. Homelessman? Does the other party win a prize if they beat you with this quarter, you don’t seem to be gaining anything from this except maybe learning to control your reflexes so you can dodge a series of quarters being thrown at you.” The third was me reaching into what would be the ash tray of my car if I smoked cigarettes but since I don’t, I use it to hold change and was picturing me reaching for some quarters and throwing each one at him to see if I could actually hit him and thereby making him regret ever making this challenge because I would be the winner in that situation even though he will then have all my money. It would be at that moment I’d count in my head how much I threw at him and shout at him that he owed me X amount of quarters. Of course, I have a guilty conscience so I wouldn’t do such a thing. I do like how he said quarters and not dollars cause throwing a dollar will not go very far. But a quarter will go far, and if you throw a good amount of quarters he’ll actually be able to spend that money. Cause if someone throws a couple dimes at you, there’s almost nothing you can do with it. At least with 4 quarters you can buy yourself a sandwich. So in retrospect, the guy is using a pretty good marketing technique, leaving me to believe this man is not as ignorant as we claim him to be and if he’s smart, he must have some money, so he’s one of the fake homeless people (probably, I can’t prove it).

After writing all this, I don’t remember my point in what I was trying to make about these homeless people and dead animals I’ve been seeing while I drive. I just needed to rant I guess. Thanks for reading it and hopefully next time you drive and you see a homeless person with a sign that says “Bet you can’t throw a quarter at me” don’t accept his challenge. Leave your change for the guys with the “God Bless You” sign cause those are the ones who won’t spend the money in the wrong places, right?

-Mr. Writer

Written on the 30th of December at 7:41 P.M.


History of the World in Six Glasses

The following post is a book review for my Western Civilization on a book called “History of the World in Six Glasses” by Tom Standage. A good read (despite me not really finishing the book). 

Written by Tom Standage, “A History of The World in 6 Glasses” stays true to its title by telling the origin and the impact that six beverages had in our world. And this of course is typical of Standage, who has built himself a reputation for informing readers of the origins of certain subjects such as: “The Victorian Internet” and “An Edible History of Humanity”.  Standage begins the book by diving deep into the depths of history, from Beer to Coca-Cola and makes readers thirsty for knowledge, and a nice cold one.  Standage’s main point in writing this book seems to be simple: essentially that these beverages, respectively, while still enjoyed today are meaningless without knowing the story behind it, because only then can it be truly appreciated for its value.

After reading the first chapter, the reader can get a basic idea of why Standage wrote “History of 6 Glasses”. The idea of what Standage was trying to say to this reader was that today’s modern drink is no more a commodity than the ice to keep it cool or the sugar to make it sweet and most people do not have the particular interest for some of these drinks like beer, yet the history behind beverages like beer should change the skeptic’s mind. In ancient times, it was believed that “beer was a gift from the Gods…Egyptians, for example, believed that beer was accidentally discovered by Osiris, the god of agriculture and king of the afterlife” (Standage 19). But of course, Standage did not stress the importance of cold drinks, but hot beverages as well. Tea he writes in comparison to beer “did not gently dull the mind but sharpened it, thanks to the presence of caffeine. Tea kept workers alert on long and tedious shifts and improved their concentration when operating fast-moving machines” (Standage 200).

The evidence supporting his argument is revealed in almost every chapter. For example: Standage’s argument about beer as stated in the previous paragraph may seem a bit far-fetched but nevertheless is supported early in the first chapter as a necessary item to have in order for civilization to turn out the way it did: “beer helped to make up for the decline in food quality as people took up farming, provided a safe form of liquid nourishment, and gave groups of beer-drinking farmers a comparative nutritional advantage over non-beer drinkers” (Standage 22). And each drink that came afterwards became more and more significant with society; take wine for instance which was thought of as a drink dubbed only for the sophisticated because Plato, the famous student of Socrates, “saw drinking as a way to test oneself by submitting to the passions aroused by drinking: anger, love, pride, ignorance, greed, and cowardice” (Standage 65).

Standage also seems to be not necessarily irate, but definitely disappointed with the fact that beverages like tea, have become a commodity when once upon a time, “sipping tea in small cups – ‘not bigger than thimbles’, according to one contemporary account – caught on almost immediately among the aristocracy” (Standage 189). And drinks like soda which have become for lack of a better term, sugary death traps for civilized society today, were once “a specialist medicine and ended up in widespread use as a refreshment, with its medical origins granting it a comforting underlying respectability” (Standage 230). Standage truly makes an inarguable point with this book.

However with that said, Standage does not write the book with the attitude of condescension to one who does not appreciate or know the origin of the beverages, so to speak. In fact, he humbles himself and does not express doubt in his knowledge but rather a sort of speculative tone:

“The idea that beer provided some of the impetus for this dramatic shift in the nature of human activity, after millions of years of hunting and gathering, remains controversial…although the origins of this ancient drink [(beer)] inevitably remain shrouded in mystery and conjecture, there is no question that the daily lives of Egyptians and Mesopotamians, young and old, rich and poor, were steeped in beer”  (Standage 23)

So while Standage does present some inarguable statements, he has well prepared himself for criticism and therefore uses a great deal of evidence to support his arguments but still leaves room for the reader or critics to form their own opinion.

To argue with Standage however is pointless because the arguments he makes are without a doubt convincing. After telling the origin and importance of each beverage, Standage successfully ties it all back to the source of the drink itself: Water. Though not as sweet or rich in taste like the other six beverages told in the book, originally water was altered into these different drinks at first the water was filled with bacteria and “only when the micrological basis of water contamination began to be unraveled in the nineteenth century did it become feasible to tackle a problem that had bedeviled humans for centuries: maintaining an adequate supply of freshwater” (Standage 267). In other words, Bottled Water, became more of a luxury to have than regular water because of how scarce it was to have decontaminated water that consumers would feel safe drinking. And if it were not for the water, we would not be able to have the six drinks Standage writes that make our world the way it is, and though they are a luxury, we do not treat them as such.

Unfortunately for myself, I have not read many books to compare this too, save for one book that had to do with Tea. Standage’s arguments about Tea went hand in hand with the book I read, but the arguments made in that book were more exacerbated on how Tea was smuggled and treated as a luxury only the rich could consume and for the poor to only dream about. However this book successfully addresses six of the most popular drinks known to humankind today and should not compared because of the originality and thought placed into this book.

With that in mind, many people could appreciate a book like this, especially those who are avid drinkers or just have a knack for history. After reading this book, one cannot look at their favorite beverage the same way because Standage brings to the reader, a newfound appreciation for their drinks and makes the reader realize how lucky they are to have such amazing and tasty drinks to share with our friends and family. These beverages to the ones who are unaware of how special they are, only look at these drinks as drinks; almost like someone seeing a glass half empty but once they adjust their lenses notice their drink is not half empty, but half full and waiting to be finished so it can be refilled in order make more history.

-Mr. Writer

Originally Written on the 24th of November at 8:20 P.M. 

A Restless Journey: Meeting with Local Houston Metal Band, Insomnia

The following post is an old review I gave for my friend’s band, Insomnia, about 2 years ago when I decided I wanted to be a music and movie critic. Today I’m not sure if Insomnia is still around or if the band broke up. As for me, I still want to be a critic but right now I’m just an amateur critic/writer (hehe) 

I already had brief knowledge of Insomnia from my good friend Devin, who plays Bass in the band and had invited me to countless shows to which unfortunately I was never able to attend.  However I was lucky enough to hear two of their songs on YouTube(Looking Back & Redemption) and despite the poor sound quality of the video, the songs were actually pretty well done; especially since the songs were written by the band themselves and not just a cover.

After failing to attend their concerts and my frustration with not being able to hear more songs from them save for the two songs on YouTube, I decided to go on a quest to watch them practice. So I contacted my friend Devin and thankfully we were able to pick a day where I could see them.

When I first got to where they were going to practice I’ll admit, I got a little lost on the highway and was a bit frightened that I’d end up in a bad neighborhood. As if that wasn’t that bad enough, the lead singer of the group, Jesus Perez, told me they were going to be practicing at “an abandoned tire shop” (I later learned that it was owned by Devin’s father so it wasn’t completely abandoned).

Once I reached their “studio”, I shook hands with each member of the band as we exchanged names and introduced ourselves. As individuals they seemed like fine gentleman and were very eager to show me their skills. As soon as our quick introductions were made they amazed me by playing one of their newly written songs, Fallen, for me. I had only been there for three minutes and I was already impressed.

Despite the deafening noise in the room, I couldn’t help but cheer when they were done. They all seemed to enjoy playing music with one another and as a spectator I wanted to hear more. While the band mates were discussing which song to practice next, I requested that they play one of the two songs I had heard on YouTube, Redemption, and they reluctantly agreed. After seeing a song being played that I hear almost every time on my IPod, I must say it is very rare to find a band that can play incredibly well on a recording and live and Insomnia is definitely a band that can do both.

Once the song was over, Devin began playing a few notes on his bass that caught my attention. I had no idea what song that was from but I rocked my head back and forth in enjoyment and noticed that Lead Guitarist, Mario, began matching the notes and the two were playing in sync with each other. Once they stopped, I asked what song it was they were playing and I couldn’t believe them when they said they just made the beat up right then and there.

With that said, it was obvious the band members were excellent as a group, but I was curious as to how they are individually. So I sat with each one of the four band members and spoke with them briefly about their aspirations and influences. Before I go into more detail about their answers, I want to address that they all want to continue pursuing music; a difficult and competitive dream to pursue but their ambition is very admirable. I first spoke with bass player, Devin Galicia whom as stated before, introduced me to the band in the first place and could touch hearts with his answer to my question about his future:

Me: “So you’re number one career you wanna pursue is that, you wanna be a Rockstar, right?”

Devin:  “Yeah.”

Me: “What makes you wanna be a Rockstar?”

Devin: “I guess I always dreamed about it when I was a kid.”

Next I interviewed Drummer, David Canela, the youngest of the band members at the age of sixteen but also the most humorous. Usually people don’t take the time to appreciate the drummer but after my failed attempt to play the drums at one point in my life, I know now it is not simple at all. At one point I actually saw David toss one of his drumsticks in the air and catch it without missing a single beat during practice of their song:

Me: “When you become 18, what do you think you wanna be when you grew up?”

David: A Rock Star.

Me: “Okay and what makes you wanna be that?”

David: (Points to band mates in the studio) “Those guys in there.”

                 Then it was the Lead Guitarist, Mario Gonzalez’s turn to talk. Not to pick favorites but I had already taken a special liking to the way he played in the band and as a result couldn’t wait to speak with him. During our conversation he admitted one of his secrets to his guitar playing:

Me: “How did you learn to play guitar?”

Mario: “Self-taught. I just sat down and just tried it. My first time playing it I hated it cause I couldn’t play it and I was just like, ‘damn it! I can’t play the simple chords’ so I put it down and it gathered dust for about a week. I was just looking at it and I’m like, ‘no I have to pick it up, I heard another Dragonforce song and I had to pick it up. So I picked it up, and I finally started learning more. And then, a guitar instructor wanted to play with me. And I guess he taught me a little bit on finger independence cause he made me do a lot of chords while I was playing. So he kinda subconsciously taught me while he was telling me to play the rhythm. So I was playing the rhythm and I was moving my fingers and that was giving me more finger independence and before I knew it, my fingers would move a lot quicker and more stronger pretty much.”

Last but not least, the Lead Vocalist of the band, Jesus Perez and I began conversing and after having a delightful conversation with him, I felt passion in his heart that could inspire many with his attitude. At a young age Jesus’ father, who started out with nothing, gave him a guitar one Christmas and since then he has been playing and has had a deep love for music ever since. When asked about his thoughts on how far the band would go he responded:

Jesus: “The rate we’re going on right now, [become one of the] top local bands probably.”

Me: “Really?”

Jesus: “Yeah”

Me: “That’s impressive.”

Jesus: “Just right now we’re trying not to get too high [in our thoughts] and concentrate on the music. You know? Keep it together and get the music out first and then everything else later.”

Me: “And I think that so far it seems to be working. I mean I heard “Looking Back” and I thought, ‘holy crap, this band is actually not that bad.’ ”

Jesus: “Yeah and one of the top bands from Houston, Series Six, called us; they said, ‘oh you’re one of my favorite Houston bands’ and every time we play shows, people always wanna play shows with us, it’s like, ‘oh wow, we’re kinda good I guess.’ “

After speaking with every band member individually, it was time for me to get the band together and see how they interact with one another without music playing in the background:

Me: “How did you guys meet?”

Mario: “Well me and Jesus actually knew each other in ninth grade, but we never really jammed.”

Jesus: “My ex-girlfriend gave him my number.”

Mario: “Yeah, his ex-girlfriend actually gave me his number and said, ‘hey you two should jam’, And one day he came over to my house and he came up with the question ‘you wanna like, make a band?’ and I said, ‘sure’ “.

Me: “Okay, so since you guys knew each other from ninth grade, when did Insomnia start for you guys?”

Mario: “It all started when Devin came along actually.”

Jesus: “Yeah they were arguing on Facebook.” (Chuckles)

Mario: “Okay, here’s pretty much what happened (interrupted)”

Devin: “He said ‘Bass is unnecessary’ and then he ended up being about ten minutes away maybe even less on a good day.”

Mario: “I think Devin wanted to kick my a** at first.”

Jesus: “At first, you were talking nothing but trash.”

Mario: (laughing) “At first, like I would always bust his ba**s because I saw on like a band level that bass and guitar would always bicker at each other and they would just always like mess around with each other and that’s why I’d always mess around with him so much saying, ‘you’re just a bass player blah blah blah blah’ and he’d go, ‘well you’re just a lead guitar player, I’m louder than you’ and I was just like whatever and we soon came to the agreement that I’m better.”

David: “I think this band started by fate; so many things had to happen in order for it to be created.”

Jesus: “[David] was an accident”

David: “I was an accident…”

Devin: “He definitely was an accident”

(All laugh)

Me: “So the band name started with who?”

Mario: “Jesus. He called me at three in the morning and it was a school night. Three in the morning on a school night and I’m always up at three in the morning. I’m always up, I don’t really care; I’m nocturnal I guess. And he calls me going, ‘dude! The perfect band name.’ and I’m like, ‘what is it?’ ‘Insomnia.’ And I’m like, ‘You called me at three in the morning just to tell me that? What if I was asleep? He’s like, ‘were you?’ I’m like ‘no’ and he’s like, ‘exactly! You have insomnia!’ “

Me: “So what genre of music do you guys play? Is it Metal? Cause I hear different beats when you guys play.”

Jesus: “Metal Punk-ish. Look, we don’t even know.”

Mario: “Our genre is Insomnia. I guess I could say that. It’s that cause it’s just like so many things combined.”

Me: “And who writes the songs for the band?”

David: “Jesus is the main songwriter basically.”

Mario: “Yeah and I like to help him out, in terms of the riffs that we make up. But it is mostly him.

Devin: “Even though Jesus is the main songwriter, Mario really pushes him to be more creative. Even though, he’s probably the most creative one out of all of us.”

Jesus: “See, my thing is basically like, I’ll write something then show it to Mario and he’ll touch it up, show it to Devin, see if he likes it and then show it to David to make sure it all goes together.”

Me: “So if you guys disagree with each other, what happens?”

Jesus: “When we disagree, we all just argue until something happens.”

              Truth be told we all got a little off topic cracking jokes from time to time, it was extremely difficult not to laugh with them. Nonetheless, the conversation I had with the band as a group and individually, proved them to be very wise young men that all want to pursue their dreams of being musicians together. And though they are aware of the challenges on their journey, they are willing to lose sleep in order to be the best they can be. As drummer David Canela said when asked how he responds to those that frown upon his goals of being a musician: “You haven’t heard my band yet.”

A blurry photo of the band playing incredible music togetherA blurry photo of the band playing incredible rock music together

-Mr. Writer

Originally Written on the 15th of June 2012 at 8:21 P.M. 

My Breakdown of “Nightscape” by There For Tomorrow

A few years back my cousin Faheem showed me this song called “Hunt Hunt Hunt” by a band called There For Tomorrow. I thought it was the greatest song I had ever heard (that year). Not to say they haven’t made great songs cause I certainly wouldn’t be talking about their recently released EP that I’m honored to have. The thing about this band is (and perhaps a lot of the music I listen to) is not as famous as they should be. The band is actually pretty badass and I don’t know, I’m just being a groupie right now so I’ll stop.

Most songs, like poetry, tell a story. With that said, album is supposed to be the book and each song is supposed to be a chapter for the story. I don’t know a lot of albums that do that and the reason why I think that is either because they’re writing songs just for the hell of it, I haven’t paid close attention, or I didn’t like any of the other songs on the album to take the time to check.

Whatever the reason, I like this EP and when I heard the first song, “Dark Purple Sky”, I knew the EP was going to kick ass. And when I heard the song, “Racing Blood”, I knew I had to have this EP. I waited about 5-6 months for this EP to come out and it was definitely worth the wait; especially since the band hadn’t released any music since 2011 so I’ve gotta cut them some slack. The lead singer even produced it by himself so he worked really hard and did a tremendous job so if you like the review I gave it, the songs will be even better to listen to.

Anyways, here are the songs from the EP and my interpretation of them.

1. “Nightscape”

No lyrics, but more like an experience when riding a bus or driving a car and enjoying view of the night life. Almost like a sweet escape from whatever sadness you feel.

2. “Lady in Black”

Dedicated to a girl on a quest to try to find love, all the while breaking hearts along the way while her life and her youth passes by. It’s too late to try to fix things cause her “love story” is almost over. And when she finally meets “the one” who may or may not be the lead singer because it seems like he’s telling her the error of his ways (and was devastated when the relationship ended) and the “love” she gave was all an act and she’s put on a great show but it’s over now.

3. “Dark Purple Sky”

A vision of seeing the lead singer’s one true love and together they will show the world that true love does exist since nowadays there have been scarce tales of “happily ever after” endings.

5. “Racing Blood”

This song to me had the best lyrics. I felt it was about starting a new relationship and finally being able to let go of any previous grudges from a previous heartbreak. The journey of this relationship will be scary but will be worth it because in the end, everything will be okay.

5. “Breathe Easy”

Falling in love with someone. It’s scary and a lot of people will give you either bullshit advice or tell you how fearful you should be but you are more than ready to take a chance on this new feeling of love for someone and are going to do your best to take it slow so as not to screw things up.

6. “Tomb”

It’s been a while since the lovers in this story have been together and they are going to try to do their best to bring the love for one another (which they once thought was dead) back for one more try.

-Mr. Writer

Originally Written on November 7, 2014 around 1:00 P.M. 

“Democrats are the Communists of America”?

I was at a Barnes and Noble a month ago and I saw some graffiti in the restroom that said either “Democrats are America’s Communists” or “Democrats are the Communists of America”. To be quite honest, I stared at it for a brief moment but not enough to remember exactly what it said word for word, but I digress:

When I think of Democrats and what they want, this comes to mind: “Fairness”, “Strong Government” but “Popular Sovereignty”

When I think of Communists and what they want, this comes to mind: “Equality”, “Strong Leader” and “No Political Dissent”

My overall opinion and conclusion on this theory to whoever wrote it and whomever agrees is that the statement above is false because while both ideologies are similar, the end result is that based on theory, it shows the two to have different outcomes because of Communism’s desire for conformity and democracy wanting “liberty and justice for all”. The problem is that to want Conformity is to bring about Tyranny since no one is allowed to “be themselves” and democracy wants liberty for the majority of people and justice for the minority so let’s face it, no equality is given on either side. And with that said, Communists and Democrats are not the same thing.

-Mr. Writer

Originally written on November 7, 2014 around 12:26 P.M.