Musical Thoughts From a Drunk Mind Pt. 2: Sotally Tober

Hello everyone. This one is my personal favorite cause I get to drink and listen to my favorite musicians and talk about them. In 2014, two of my favorite bands broke up: There for Tomorrow and Anberlin. Luckily I got to see Anberlin one last time. I talked about There For Tomorrow once before so I’m not going to talk about them in this one, but I’ll get to Anberlin in a bit but because I’m currently listening to another band and my persona is gonna talk about them. Enjoy. 

My Morning Jacket. (That’s the band’s name) One of my favorite, favorite bands. I am proud to say that my first actual rock concert that I went to was theirs. I went with my brother in law Raymond and actually was right in front of the lead singer. Their music is essentially psychedelic rock with a subtle hint of country with it. But nevertheless, they’re great. Seeing them live was an experience that only being there will one truly understand. Anyway, they’re releasing a new album in May and I’ve been lucky enough to get it already 😉 I feel bad for stealing their music but I’m still gonna buy all their shit forever and if they come to the town I’m staying in you’d better believe I’m gonna go their concert again.

I’ve always been a fan of rock music but their music is different. Their music got me really in touch with my emotions. I know it’s weird to say but it’s true, like when you watch these guys perform, they get lost in the music and like Prince, become their music. It’s a true art in my opinion. They have this one song Dondante, which is about the lead singer’s best friend who committed suicide and the music and the tone of it will bring someone to tears (at least anyone who actually pays attention and is empathetic). As I stated in my first blog about music, it’s amazing when an artist takes excerpts from their own personal life and expresses it with song. You can truly feel the pain he felt especially when he screams right before he says, “You had me worried, so worried that this would last. Oh now I worry, that this will pass” meaning he’s angry with his friend that he killed himself but is even more distraught that eventually things will go back to normal in his life because it’s true, the earth will continue to rotate around the sun but that doesn’t excuse the fact that his friend (one especially so close to him) killed himself.

That’s why I like the blues so much I guess and why I like sad music. Not cause I’m a depressing person but because an artist can be truly artistic whenever he’s sad. It’s fucked up to say, I know. But tell me I’m not the only one who was apathetic towards Eminem’s song “I’m not Afraid” Yes, we get it Marshall, you’re no longer on drugs and you’re looking after your daughter, now cuss out people and tell them who the real Slim Shady is. (That was stupid…)

Speaking of Blues, I’ve been really into Gary Clark Jr. lately, that guy is super talented. He did this cover of “Catfish Blues” that Jimi Hendrix, if he were still alive, would be so proud. The guy got to perform this song in front of Barack Obama and Barack was jamming and even lip synching (lip singing? whatever) along to the song. What an honor that must have been! Nevertheless, this guy can play guitar and actually sing really well! He sings blues and can sing R&B better than Usher. Not to mention, he writes his own songs!! I remember I couldn’t get this one song out of my head: “Things are Changing” which is about a girl he is romantically involved with but things happen that result in them going their ways and he says “I know now girl, that I can stand alone; I was put here on this earth by myself” meaning that he doesn’t need to depend on the girl he was involved with, which is a great message because sometimes when we get in relationships we get so into it that we forget who we really are and our whole identity turns into someone who we hope will please our significant other and then when we lose them, we are placed in a position where we wonder who we are because we’ve lost all sense of self but like the song “Dondante” eventually, everything will pass and the sadness or heartbreak you feel will go away as will the memories of that person and will eventually fade.

And though they fade, they still will remain at least some parts of it in your brain forever. Like I know I was talking about My Morning Jacket and Gary Clark Jr. but in all honesty, I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I didn’t mention Anberlin. I discovered Anberlin my second year in High School (2008) I was such an emotional little shit and Anberlin definitely catered to that, but that’s not to say it was their fault. I still listen to their music proudly. Here’s the thing, as a kid I listened to them and felt that they were what got me closer to God because they were viewed somewhat as a Christian Rock band. It turns out, their genre is whatever the listener enjoys them as (if that makes sense).

I got lucky enough to see them do a live acoustic show in 2010 and not only did I get to see them perform but I also got to meet and shake hands with the lead singer, Stephen Christian, whom at that time was my fucking hero, and he was such a sweet guy. Here I was, this 16 year old spaz and seeing him made me so starstruck. I remember everything that happened so vividly. I shook hands with him and told him I’d been a fan for 2 years (as if that would make him go “Wow really?!”) instead he was like, “Well thank you so much for supporting us!” And was nice enough to sign this stupid drawing I made. A few seconds later, I went back with my cousin’s phone (cause I didn’t have a cell phone at the time or a camera) and asked if I could take a picture with him and he said “Yeah! Let’s do it!” And the fact that he didn’t say no was still a big deal to me. I still have the picture luckily and I never have forgotten that day.

When I heard the news that they were breaking up I was a little upset but relieved that they were still going to tour around the world at least one more time. And I made it my mission to see them before they went their separate ways. The concert, suffice it to say was amazing. I wasn’t as close to them as I was at the My Morning Jacket concert but it’s okay. I listened to all of Anberlin’s songs and they played all my favorites and played their most enjoyed song: “Feel Good Drag” at the very end but was most surprising was when they came back on stage and played one more song. The song they played I’m not exaggerating when I say is my favorite Anberlin song it’s called “Fin*” from their album “Cities” and I’m not really sure what the song is about but the lead singer’s vocals are so amazing and I was so entranced and excited at the fact that he was singing one of my favorite songs that I was brought to tears. Especially when they mashed it together a little with the last track from their last album called “Harbinger”, where the hook is “We’ll live forever” It was heartbreaking to know that my favorite band was breaking up, but I understand that they can’t keep making music all the time.

I’m listening to their music now and am having a hard time keeping myself together. The thing is, music is so powerful and I would always say music today (dubstep) was NOT music. But the truth is, I can’t define what true music is. It’s all about what the fan feels, obviously dubstep is not the kind of music I like for personal reasons. But if it makes someone feel the same way I feel about the music I listen to and moves you emotionally then I think that’s what music is. You want the listener (at least in my opinion) to get lost in the music and enter another world which is yours (the artist’s) and even if to other’s the music doesn’t make sense, it’s not important because it’s still a form of expression; an art that to others, will “live forever”. Whether the song is about love, a break up, life, death or something else that the artist truly believes in, we can’t deny that it’s music that is the best form of expression and these artist’s are able to illustrate their lives into songs that bare a vague similarity to our own experiences. With that, I think I’ve said more than enough and if you’ve continued to read all the way here, thank you. And in the words of AC/DC (to which I’m making my own with the brackets: “For those [that continue] to rock, [I] salute you!”

-Mr. Writer

Written on the 16th of April, 2015 at 11:37 P.M. 

Everybody Waan’ go Heaven; Nobody Want Dead

Religion: A hot topic issue which no one really likes to talk about because arguments ensue as a result of it. Now I’m not talking about religion because I’m here to talk about what “The One True Religion” is because the truth is, there is no “One True Religion”, in my opinion. Because they all do share similar roots and stories plus we never know if what we’re reading is true. Hell, I’m writing about religion and I can honestly tell you, I don’t even know what I’m talking about. But the thing is, religion to me is still a beautiful thing.

The reason why I say it’s beautiful is because despite everything, it gives people hope. And I unfortunately, refute hope for myself, I want the truth. But the problem with wanting that is, there is no truth that is simply true for beliefs. It’s all opinion, and as I said before in a previous blog, “All opinions are false, that’s a fact.” That doesn’t mean however, that I want to take that away from anyone. So me having my beliefs, I’m aware puts me in a lonely place where I’m the only one that has these thoughts, and that’s perfectly okay with me. Because my beliefs are MY beliefs for a reason and no one else’s.

At first I condemned religion because of all the wars it caused between people. But I realized I can’t blame religion, instead the people are the ones to blame. I’m sorry to say this but we as humans can be shitty people. And anyone whose been in traffic knows what I’m talking about. I applaud the ones who have their beliefs in religion and keep it to themselves because that’s how it’s supposed to be. If it’s true or not, who cares? It makes you happy.Whatever your beliefs are shouldn’t matter, I think it just matters if you’re a good person. I have two friends who are Satanists, they’re still wonderful people. Plus despite their name, they don’t actually believe in the devil.

I stand by this argument I made when I was 16 which was I don’t think it matters what religion you are, as long as you’re a good person, you’ll be able to go to heaven. Now, I said that when I was 16. At 21, I don’t know what happens when you die and to be honest, I don’t want to know what happens when we die. Since we are talking about what I said when I was 16, we will continue that. I loved to compare religion to a special membership and heaven was this club and if you didn’t have the right membership you couldn’t get in. I strongly believe that it doesn’t matter what membership you have, it’s not like when you get there, St. Peter or whoever is at the Gates of Heaven is gonna go, “What the hell are you doing coming over here with a Visa? We take only American Express! What’s that? Places in the U.S. didn’t take American Express? Well too fuckin’ bad cause you’re not in the U.S. anymore are you? You know what does take Visa? Hell! Get your ass down there!” and pulls that freakin’ lever. No, none of that will happen if God is as merciful and all-loving as people believe him to be.

And the thing about God being all-loving and merciful is great, yet humans (of ALL religions) have made it a point to kill in the name of God. I’m not a theologian or anything but I don’t think God would be too happy with you doing that if he’s all-loving. Another thing is, sometimes, and I hate to admit it but the reason why people kill and do other crazy shit like argue about whether their religion is better than another’s is because their too stupid to understand what the word “Tolerance” means. That and some people are (again, sorry to put it like this, but it’s true) too stupid to realize what right and wrong is.

Socrates asks, “Are things morally good because the Gods say they are? Or are they morally good and That’s why the Gods say so?” And the answer in my opinion is: Things are morally good, and that’s why the Gods or God says so. To quote a favorite comedian of mine, “Who needs a thousand metaphors to figure out you shouldn’t be a dick?” I think I’ve perhaps gone on long enough so what I’m trying to say is religion is a beautiful thing but human beings by nature are fucked up people at least according to Hobbes. People always say we’re lost and a book being given to us will give us the answers to how we should live. I disagree, if you feel in your heart something is bad, then don’t do it. If you feel something good it means you did something right, unless your a psychopath in which case, there’s almost no hope for you.

And that’s another thing, psychopaths from what I’ve heard about, feel good when they’ve killed people or done terrible things and it turns out they’ve had tumors in their brains that overpower their side of reasoning and empathy. How does religion explain that? It can’t. It probably does and I haven’t read it but regardless, there are so many things we can’t understand and that’s okay. Maybe we aren’t meant to know everything. If we were to find out that life is meaningless and nothing happens when we die, would give us no reason to get up in the mornings. And hopefully that isn’t the case, whatever the true meaning of life is and what religion is the right one to follow, it doesn’t matter all we can do is hope and pray for a better tomorrow and just live our lives with happiness and try to stay out of trouble. And with that, I say to those that actually took the time to read this: God Bless You. And to those that are probably gonna give me crap for writing this: Go to Hell.

-Mr. Writer

Originally Written on the 2nd of April, 2015 at 9:00 P.M.